Frequently asked questions

What is esports?

Esports is the competition of playing video games. It is the fastest growing sports category. Esports is a billion dollar industry with professional players making 6 and even 7 figure incomes. By 2021, esports will be the 2nd most watched sport in the United States, with 84 million viewers. Only the NFL will have more viewers. Many colleges and universities have already started esports programs with scholarships. The ACC and the Olympics are looking into including esports.

What age groups can join a team?

We currently offer 2 age groups: 7 to 12 13 to 18

How much does it cost?

Leagues are $225 per season. A free Ultimate Esports Jersey is included.

How do esports benefit my student athlete?

There are many similar benefits between traditional sports and esports:

  1. Community: Boys and girls that come together to compete in esports create a community of friends who enjoy gaming. Instead of going home to play video games in isolation, they’re playing with their peers. Children participating in esports are actively involved in an activity, making new friends, and having fun.
  2. Team Work: Children learn how to work together for a common goal. They learn how to strategize with each other.
  3. Competition: Healthy competition teaches children to bring their best effort and perform at a higher level. Competition teaches children how to play by the rules, and how to win and lose with grace. Best of all, competition is fun!
  4. Skills: Not only do children improve their gaming skills, they also improve physical skills including developing better hand eye coordination, enhanced memory, improved concentration, and attention to details. In addition, esports improves children’s social and multitasking skills.


How often do my kids play?

The tournamnets last 8 weeks. Each week, there will be one 75 minute practice session and one 75 minute competive game play.

Can parents watch/participate?

We encourage parents and familty to watch their gamer play. Parents can also coach their child's team.

Can I coach a team?

To be a coach, you need to have a child currently enrolled on a team. All coaches will be vetted with background checks. Coaches will be able to manage up to 2 teams with a total of 4 players per team. If you are interested in coaching, please complete the coaches application.

How do I sign my student up for a team?

Click on the Sign Up button or click here to regiser your child on a team. You can also register in person. Please see our hours of operation.

Can my child's sibling/friend be on the same team?

No problem! As long as they are in the same age group, just let us know who your kids would like to be on their team. Send us a message using this link after you have registered your gamer.