Thank you for registering for the Fortnite Youth Tournament this Saturday, May 1st. Players finishing in the top of each tournament will be invited back the following Monday for a chance to compete and become the Fortnite Champion.



Please read carefully


  • Must be in line to check in at your registered time. If you are unsure of your time, please email us at We are located at 975 Bacons Bridge Rd in Galleria II Shopping Center next to Little Caesars Pizza.

  • Bring a working controller with good batteries. If you do not have a controller, they are available to rent for $7 with a parent's ID. Optionally, you can bring in a keyboard and mouse (PS4 players will also need their controller to log in)


  • A working Xbox Live or PlayStation account is required. Please make sure you know the username and password. If you do not have an account, please email us ahead of time at

  • A headset is allowed, but not required. If you do not have a headset, you will be playing without sound. If you choose to bring one, you will need to have it connected to your console and working by your tournament start time. 



The highest cumulative score from the tournament wins. Points will be awarded as follows: Each Elimination gets 1 Point, Victory Royale: 25 Points, 2nd: 20 Points, 3rd: 16 Points, 4th: 14 Points, 5th: 13 Points, 6th: 12 Points, 7th: 11 Points, 8th: 10 Points, 9th: 9 Points, 10th: 8 Points, 11th: 7 Points, 12th: 6 Points, 13th: 5 Points, 14th 4 Points, 15th: 3 Points, 16th: 2 Points, 17th: 1 Point


If for any reason you are unable to attend at your registered time, please email us at


Looking forward to a fun day of competition. See you soon!