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©2019 Ultimate Esports Gaming

ULTIMATE ESPORTS GAMING is bringing amateur Esports to local communities. Esports is exploding worldwide. Many colleges already have scholarship earning esports programs. Ultimate Esports Gaming provides local competitive gaming for student athletes of all ages. We provide a safe place where kids can make friends, compete with one another, and learn team building. 

At Ultimate Esports Gaming we create a community around gaming, where parents can watch their kids play and even participate by coaching a team. A lot of parents have concerns about how much time their kids may be spending gaming; at UEG gaming happens in a controlled, social, supervised space. Our coaches will help your kid improve his skills.

We offer different seasonal leagues playing games like Fortnite, FIFA soccer, Call of Duty, NBS 2019, Madden Football and more. 

It's easy to sign up. Click the Sign Up link and choose a league. Join today and we can take your kid to the next level.